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Orders – G-Force Pilots

Thank you for your interest in ordering one of our acrobatic pilots

All orders will be processed by email, using the email address detailed below. Please indicate the quantity, design and shipping address, along with any additional requests. We will get back to you confirming the price, shipping costs and delivery dates.

All orders will be dealt with by the dealer Centro Rc Levante, so if you wish to order any additional parts from the shop in order to make the most of the shipping costs, please feel free to let us know. You can see all products avaliable at

In your email order, please indicate for each pilot:

-Size (25%, 35%, 42%)
-Type (full helmet or headphones)
-Helmet colour (or custom)
-Facial hair (shaven, beard, goatee)

Orders should be emailed to:




«Download order form for G-Force Aircraft Design Pilot heads»