G-Force Aircraft are very pleased to present our line of large scale acrobatic pilots, created with meticulous attention to detail and minimum weight. Transform your plane from a simple model, to a large scale acrobatic replica, just see the results for yourselves.

We are currently producing what could be classed as our third major version review of our pilot heads. Continuously improving both the overall design, attention to detail and overall result, while increasing strength and reducing weight.

Knowing that we all have our own individual preferences, even in our standard versions you can choose between an array of options.

Currently there are three sizes to choose from, these being 28%, 37% and 42%, designed around acrobatic models powered by 50-70cc, 85-120cc and 150-220cc engines respectively.

But as we said, there are choices! This page is dedicated to our full helmet with visor version, and you can choose the color of the helmet in solid or metallic colors, as well as choosing how you want your pilot to look, he can be fully shaven, with a beard or even a goatee!

Custom designs

Going above and beyond, we can also produce unique custom pilot heads with schemes to match your model as well as personalised details such as including your name or flag, so don’t forget to check out our custom pilots.