Acrobatic Pilots, by G-Force Aircraft

We are very pleased to present, our line of large scale acrobatic pilots, created with meticulous attention to detail and minimum weight. Transform your plane from a simple model, to a large scale acrobatic replica, just see the results for yourselves:

Extra Pilot

Knowing that we all have our own individual preferences, we have produced a large array of versions, to satisfy all your needs. Currently there are three sizes to choose from, these being 25%, 35% and 42%, designed around acrobatic models powered by 50-60cc, 85-120cc and 150-220cc engines respectively.

But as we said, there are choices! Firstly, you need to choose if you want a full helmet with visor, or a simple headphone and microphone version. The full helmet can then also be ordered in an array of colours, both solid or metallic.

The helmet can also receive a fully customized paint job to match your model or to your own specifications, fur just a little extra.

Finally, you can choose how you want your pilot to look, he can be fully shaven, with a beard or even a goatee!

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